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This Week's Creative Play

A little late to the game, but that's what happens when you have a three day weekend. I have two activities for you this week since it's a short week. I've done these two a number of times with my kids and when I was teaching. They are especially perfect for a rainy day and when you are stuck inside.

Still Life Paintings

- Watercolor Paper for painting, cut in half

- Watercolors, either from a palette or watercolor tubes that you mix with water

- Paint Brushes

- An object of your choice or your child's to paint.

This one is so simple. I suggest picking an object that doesn't involve a lot of colors. 2-3 works best to start. Once, they get used to doing a still life, you can gradually add other complex objects. You can also make it a two-part activity and have your child draw it the object with pencil and then paint over it.

Loose Material Collage with Contact Paper

- Contact Paper

- Tape

- Loose Materials of your choice:

- cotton balls

- cut up tissue paper

- cut up construction paper

- cut up aluminum foil

- cupcake liners

- sequins

- anything light weight that will stick :)

This activity takes probably less than five minutes to set up. Place the materials of your choice in a container, on a plate, something where they are easily accessible for your child. Slowly, peel the contact paper (make sure the sticky side is facing you) and place on the window, tape it as you go. You can make it as big as you want. If your child is 2 or younger, you will most likely need to show them how it works. That's it... fun, tactile and an easy clean up.

If you do these activities, please share them with me. I'd love to see what your child does with them. Be on the lookout next Monday for my next set of activities.


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