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Coffee in the Garden: August

I’m honestly surprised that I got one more “Coffee in the Garden” post in before Baby Byrne arrives. He or she could come any day now! I’m getting spurts of energy, so I’m taking advantage of it. I’m calling this one “Coffee in the Nursery” to show all the details of Baby Byrne’s nursery space. It was so special designing this space and even more fun with the help of Lewis Home and Chasing Paper.

The room unintentionally took a garden theme. It all started with the Radish Wallpaper from Chasing Paper in collaboration with Lewis. From that came mostly all neutral pieces that could work for a girl or a boy. The nursery is our smallest room in our house, but I actually feel like it has plenty of room for all of the things. I used the shelves from the playroom in the nursery closet to store all of baby necessities. We were also able to fit a large dresser and reclining rocker from Crate&Kids in the room. I’ll link all of the nursery pieces below.

Before, I get to that though, here are a few favorites for this month:

I just received this book in the mail, Wild, The Naturalistic Garden. It’s a beautiful coffee table book that shares natural gardens from around the world. I recently started reading 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think. This was written awhile ago, but it gives a lot of great tips on how to manage/track how you spend your time. Every evening, I’ve been putting on a pair of Comrad Compression Socks. I never dealt with swollen feet with my other pregnancies, but with the heat and being on my feet all the time; my feet are slightly unrecognizable. Comrad socks are so comfortable and they come in different levels of compression. It’s amazing how much they’ve helped with my swelling.

I recently received my new Simplified Planner for the new academic year. I always use the daily, so I have plenty of room to write down all the things: meals, to-do list, daily schedule. A paper planner will never get old to me. Speaking of Simplified, I’m also excited to start filling in the pages of their Baby Book, The Story of You. A place to include all of the first moments.

Lastly, I just received a home bundle from Koala Eco, plant based home products for cleaning. First of all, they smell amazing, but I love that I recognize the ingredients and

they are safe for my family and the planet.

Nursery Sources:

That’s it for this month, happy end of summer! -Ashleigh


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