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What I’m Packing in my Hospital Bag with Lo&Sons

I’m 39 weeks now and I finally got my hospital bag packed. I put it off for quite some time, but I do feel so much better now that it’s done. The Catalina Deluxe Bag from Lo&Sons saved the day again and made it so simple for me to pack all of the necessities for the baby and myself.

I obviously haven’t done this in a few years, so I asked all of you for some advice on what to pack. I do remember when I had Caroline, I packed way too much. I think I even packed magazines. Joke is on me!

The Catalina Deluxe Bag has different compartments nestled within it, so I have a place for my things and the baby’s things.

The Catalina has a bottomed zippered section where you could put shoes or anything you’d like. I decided to use this section for the baby’s outfits, swaddle, formula and bottles.

I have plenty of room in the main part of the bag for my toiletries, clothes; and you can’t forget comfy socks! Speaking of toiletries, Aillea Beauty made it easy for me with packing for the hospital. I use the same cosmetic bag that is filled with travel essentials from Aillea for the gym, trips and now the hospital. I just replenish it when I run out.

Here’s a list of exactly what I packed this go around:

For Baby:

  • Ollie Swaddle: I used the Ollie with Charlie and brought it to the hospital. It was great to get him used to it right from the start, so I plan on doing the same with this baby.

  • Muslin Blanket for pictures.

  • Two gender neutral outfits

  • Pacifier

  • Formula

  • Two different types of bottles

For Mom:


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