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Easter Basket Goodies

How is Easter only one week away? I love putting together Caroline and Charlie's baskets. The only thing I didn't add in the collage above is of course, chocolate. I love getting the classic Hershey's pastel milk chocolate eggs and jelly beans. I bought all of their goodies locally at my some of my favorite Atlanta children's shops. If you aren't local, I'm sure you could find most of these things on Amazon, but reach out these lovely shops, because they do ship.

I started shopping at Seed Factory in Atlanta when I was pregnant with Caroline. They have the sweetest outfits, toys, books... you name it! I especially love their assortment of wooden toys. Treehouse Kid and Craft in Decatur is another staple for all things imaginative play and creativity. I could spend hours in both of these shops. Both stores offer curated boxes for gifts and their gift wrapping is just beautiful. Treehouse also offers something they came up called "Boxes of Happy." A box filled literally filled with happy. You supply the details of the recipient and they take care of the rest. Below are links to all of the sweetness listed above.

Hape Nature Detective Set



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