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My Love for the Simplified Planner

I've been using the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley for over five years now. I call it my third child sometimes. I bring it with me everywhere. It holds all of my important dates, tasks for the day and goals. I much prefer to write things on paper rather than in my phone. I think it sticks with me longer when I write it out. The Simplified Planner lays everything out in an organized way and gives me plenty of space to jot everything down.

I use the daily planner and love it because I can put in what we are having for dinner that day, my tasks hour by hour, and other random things I need to get done. I've been working with the Edit Effect and they have helped me figure out how to batch/time block my tasks. Working with them and using the Daily has made my time so much efficient. It leaves me with extra time during the day to do things I want to do.

The simplified team recently launched their new styles for the 2021-2022 Spring Collection. I chose the Dainty Dogwood planner in the daily and will start using it in August when the new school year begins. When you purchase a Simplified Planner, you'll also get access to their NEW Simplified Planner Coaching Video Library with 12 all-new videos from Emily (accessible with your account login)! Talk about helpful.

The Simplified Planner helps keep me organized and sane. As a busy mom, I need this more than ever in my day-to-day life.



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