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What's for Breakfast?

Anyone else look forward to breakfast every morning? Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. These days, with two kids I don't get to sit down and enjoy a leisurely breakfast everyday. When I do though, I take advantage of it.

For the Caroline (5) and Charlie (2), when I meal plan , I make a list of 2-3 items they can have with breakfast. I'll ask Caroline the night before what she would like, so we minimize the "What would you like to eat this morning" game. Charlie is easy and will sometimes just eat a banana on the way out the door. It depends on his mood in the morning. He is still our late sleeper.

Kids Breakfast Ideas:

- Hardboiled Eggs (I make a dozen on Sunday for the week)

- Smoothies (I'll do a post on this soon.)

- Natures Path Waffles (ones with minimal ingredients) with Organic Maple Syrup

- Plain Yogurt with Honey, or their current favorite Brown Cow Maple Yogurt with fruit on the side.

- Over Easy Egg with Sliced Avocado

- Oatmeal

My goal for the kids is that they eat something nourishing/healthy that will fill them up and sustain them for a few hours. I also find that setting the table for breakfast the night before saves some time. It also just makes the morning a little more special.

What does mine and Troster's breakfast look like most mornings? On most mornings, it's a busy morning breakfast, but on T/TH, when I'm not at the gym from 6-7, it's a leisurely breakfast. If the kids have been sleeping through the night: I'll wake up at 5:30, make my coffee, do my devotional/

write, and then make myself a lovely breakfast.

Busy Morning Breakfast: (This is the kind of breakfast I can eat in a pinch, or take in the car with me on the way to Preschool)

- Smoothie

- Hard Boiled Egg

- Plain Yogurt with Honey, Berries, Flax or Hemp Seed, Granola

- Overnight Oats

- Always a latte to start my morning

Leisurely Breakfast:

- Two Over easy eggs with a little cheddar underneath, sliced avocado with flaxseed + everything seasoning, and citrus.

- Goat Cheese, Tomato + Spinach Frittata

- Omelette of some kind

- Bagel with Lox, Cream Cheese, Capers + Cucumber

I‘d love to know what you eat for breakfast, what are your go-to’s?


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