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What I'm listening to lately...

Happy New Year! After having an appendectomy almost two weeks ago, I'm slowly feeling like myself again. I started getting into podcasts last year when I found I needed something other than music to get me through the tasks like doing laundry, cleaning, sitting in the carpool line etc. You'll notice a theme in the ones I listen to...motherhood, wellness, and home. I'm always looking for new tips/ideas on both of these topics and these are the podcasts I'm currently subscribed to: (If you don't know how to listen to a podcast, or want to know how to find topics that suit you, feel free to send me a message...I'd be happy to help)

- Motherhood Unstressed with Liz Carlile: An uplifting and inspirational podcast, a variety of Interviews, short meditations, a podcast that empowers women. One of my new favorites.

- Young House Love Has A Podcast with Sherry + John Petersik: For all things home and for a good laugh...just an all around feel-good podcast

- Still Becoming with Monica DiCristina: A therapist here in ATL, its like a free therapy session every week. I always feel like I have my head on straight when I finish one of Monica's episodes.

- The Mindful Minute with Meryl Arnett: A meditating Mama, she's co-owner of Sacred Chill West Yoga Studio here in Atlanta. Meryl makes meditating easy and effortless for us busy mamas.

- The Goop Podcast + Goop Beauty Closet: Thought provoking interviews, wellness and beauty tips.

- At Home with Sally - Sally Clarkson- Tips for living a balanced life and walking with Jesus. A mentor for motherhood, family and learning about God.


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