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This Week's Creative Play: The Stabilo Pencils

I love a multi-use material. These woody 3 in 1 pencils are just that and you can use them on glass, paper, wood, etc. In the activity shown below, we used the pencils on glass. They really are easy to wipe off like they say. I let Caroline (5) wipe it off herself with an organic glass cleaner. Charlie (2) has also used these, but he needs to be supervised. When Caroline was 2, I could've trusted her to do this on her own, but Charlie is another story. A few months ago, he painted our newly refinished floors with nail polish, and now he can't be trusted. Here are some of the activities I set up for Caroline with these pencils.

- It is hard to see in the picture below, but I made two "picture frames" for Caroline to draw in. I said, "draw one of your masterpieces." The key is to set up something simple and let their imaginations take over.

- The second activity I set up was writing the alphabet and she traced over it. On the other side of our glass door, she also tried to write it up on her own. Other variations are doing a big word search on the glass, practicing writing their name, drawing shapes etc.

Be sure to tag me if you try this activity with your child. Have a happy rest of the week!


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