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This Week's Creative Play: Free Painting on a Large Surface

Painting will always be one of my activities, especially when it is free painting on a large surface. This activity can go on an entire week because your child can literally paint over it again and again. This is a perfect activity for your child to do when you are cooking dinner. Yes, it can get a little messy, but leave some baby wipes close by and you will be good to go. At the end of the post, I'll give some ideas for variations.

You will need:

- A large roll of craft paper, white or brown

- Tempera Paint

- Egg Carton or something similar to separate the paints

- paint brushes of various sizes

- paint scrapers

- baby wipes for your sanity if you are Type A like me

Line your kitchen table twice with your craft paper (in case it goes through, and also so you have another roll ready to go when they are done covering the first). Put the paint in each egg carton compartment. Lay out the brushes/ scrapers and let your child get their paint on. I recommend you put an old shirt on them or let them paint in their diaper/underwear (that's what mine do).

Side Note:

I keep all of my painting and painting materials in clear containers from here. They are just shoe containers.


- The next day have them glue various materials on the paper

- Use other tools instead of paint brushes, Qtips, cotton balls etc.

- Have them start with a pencil to map out what they want to paint

- Start with oil pastels or the next day


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