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The Kids Play Space

We've been spending more and more time in the backyard, so we thought why not add a space thats specifically for the kids? What used to be our fire pit area, has now turned into a little haven for Caroline and Charlie. We asked Caroline what she wanted in her play space and this is what she said, Charlie of course, agreed:

- a play house

- a garden bed

- table and chairs

- a sandbox for Charlie

Troster was going to build a playhouse himself, but being that he doesn't have all the tools to build one, we are most likely moving in a year, and it would cost a lot more money...we opted to buy a simple one. I decided to paint the play house white because our backyard is pretty shady and I thought it would nice to look out and see a pop of white from the house. It will be harder to maintain, but there's nothing a little pressure washing can't fix.

We had some logs left over from a tree being cut down, so we used that to make a table and three chairs. Troster made a garden bed to put on the platform and also a small sandbox. All in all, it was an easy project and the kids are loving their space. The best part, is I can watch them from the deck or the garden and they feel like they also get some freedom.



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