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Switching out our Bedding with Red Land Cotton

When the weather turns cooler, I always switch out our bedding for something cozier. The bedding I had from last year did not hold up, so I was on the hunt for something new. I started searching for something other than the big name brands, because to be honest, most of the ones I have tried ended up with holes in them or torn after one season.

After some research, I found Red Land Cotton. A brand that grows their own cotton in Northern Alabama and manufacturers it right in the Southern United States.

Their classic quilts are filled with 100% cotton batting just like heirloom quilts used to be made.

Just like they say, their quilts are lightweight, yet warm and easy to care for. I can say the same thing for their sheets and duvet covers. Everything is so soft and it has only gotten softer each time I wash them. I wash our bedding once a week and it has been holding up so well. Every night when I get into bed, I feel like I'm staying at a luxury hotel. The 140 thread count doesn't hurt either.

I'm a big fan of white bedding, mostly because it goes with everything. I chose their Hemstitched White Sheet Set. I adore the hand-sewn hemstitching on the sheets. Then, I added Red Land's Ticking Stripe Quilt too for some detail layered with their White Patchwork Duvet Cover on top for some added warmth. Caroline and Charlie love coming downstairs in the morning (or the occasional middle of the night) for some extra snuggling too. Their bedding makes it tough to get out of bed in the morning. A big thank to Red Land Cotton for helping us switch out our bedding for Fall and Winter. I hope you'll check out this made in the USA brand that I truly love.


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