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Stocking Stuffers for Littles

I love getting the stockings ready for Christmas morning. It was one of my favorite parts about Christmas morning. I would sit on the top of the stairs and wait for my brother, sister and parents to wake up. I’ve always been an early bird. We would always run down the stairs and go straight to the stockings.

Now, I get to see Charlie and Caroline open up their stockings and I can‘t wait to see Charlie really experience it for the first time. Last year, he didn’t really know what was going on just turning one. After, we open stockings, we have a big breakfast and then go right into opening presents one at a time. It’s a long process, but it’s nice to see each of us open gifts and take our time. Just like the presents, I keep the stockings simple and with things they will actually use. Here’s what they will be getting from Santa:

Caroline, 4 years old:

- Princess Bandaids: We go through so many bandaids in our house, we have a lot of pretend injuries. These will be in both stockings

- Great Pretenders Sweet Treats Ring Set: Caroline is all about accessories. This will be her first set of rings. You can also find this locally at Baby Braithwaite here in Atlanta.

- Slime with confetti: It’s messy, but it sure keeps her interest.

- Magnifying Lens: Perfect for nature walks and exploring outside. Here is a cute option from Amazon.

- Jumbo Plastic Glitter Wand: Both of the kids will be getting these. They love playing dress up together. I got ours at Baby Braithwaite, but you can also find them here.

- Bath Bomb: We get these from our local farmers market, from Indigo Bath and Body. Again, both of the kids will be getting one.

- Blabla Finger Puppets: A mermaid and a fairy, I couldn't resist. I got ours at the Blabla store here in Atlanta, they may have these exact ones if you call. They even sell this finger puppet display.

- Lip Balm: The kids have a serious love for chapstick. Love these fun flavors from Indigo Bath and Body. - Toothbrush: Caroline will be getting a princess one, of course. We usually get ours at Target.

- Chocolate: Trader Joe’s for the win for this!

Charlie, 2 years old:

- Jumbo Plastic Glitter Wand

- Car Toothbrush

- Magnifying Lens

- Bath Bomb: Charlie is obsessed with these now too.

- Small Airplane: From our favorite, Baby Braithwaite.

- Play Road Tape: I love this tape! Use it at restaurants, on an airplane, at home, wherever. I got ours at Kazoo Toys in Atlanta, but you can find a bigger version at Target.

- Chunky Markers: He loves art just like his big sister, but now he will have his own set of markers. These will be great to take with us on outings too. They also sell these chunky stampers. I got Charlie's at Binders Art Supplies here in Atlanta, so many wonderful art options for kids.

- Chocolate: Again, Trader Joe's for the win.

I'd love to know what you are putting in your kids stockings. Happy stocking stuffing!


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