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Spring Container Gardening with Behrens

Before we had raised beds in our backyard, I spent a lot of time gardening in containers. You can really plant anything in a container as long as you have good soil, drainage and proper light.

You may remember me mentioning Behrens Metalware over the holidays. Behrens has been making quality metalware for over 100 years in the US. Based in Minnesota, Behrens makes a wide range of products all out of metal. Everything from planters to platters for entertaining. I love that everything is sustainably made and in turn is being kinder to the planet. Their 100% Galvanized Steel is odor, weather and chemical resistant, and 100% recyclable. You can read more about how Behrens is helping our environment and read more about their story here.

Behrens containers work great for container gardening and I recently updated ours for the spring season. Most of my plants that I planted in the late fall are still thriving, but I switched out one or two things to add some pops of color/texture. I also created two new planters with their smaller stock tanks to put on our outdoor table. For these, I made it completely edible, so I could go right outside and clip something quick when needed. I transplanted some lettuce from my garden for one planter and the other includes marjoram, lavender and oregano. Not only are they edible, but they smell lovely too.

I love having planters throughout the outside of my house, but I also think they make the perfect gift someone that you love. Behrens makes it easy since their planters come in multiple sizes. Here are the exact ones I‘m using:

You can shop all of Behrens products here and keep up with all of their happenings on Instagram and Facebook.



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