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Spring Book Picks for Kids

Spring is on the way and that means that it's time to switch out C+C's books. All of these books are wonderful for introducing gardening to your littles. I've also included some books that are perfect for exploring outside; whether it's on a hike or walking around the backyard. My kids are especially into birds, so I've included some bird books too. Happy reading!

  1. Plant the Tiny Seed

  2. We are the Gardeners

  3. Growing Vegetable Soup

  4. Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

  5. Planting a Rainbow

  6. Easy Peasy: Gardening for Kids

  7. A Seed is Sleepy

  8. Birds, Nests & Eggs

  9. Tap the Magic Tree

  10. Caterpillars, Bugs, and Butterflies


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