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Some Thursday Thoughts: Being True to Yourself

I'm not one to post deep thoughts, but lately I've had a lot on my mind. After my dad passed, I feel like I changed completely; how I view the world and just life in general. Just so many things that used to matter to me, don't matter anymore. I mention a lot about how I try to live the simple life in all aspects of my life, but now I'm striving for that more than ever. The simple things are what's bringing me joy these days: being with my family, long walks, gardening and cooking. I'm saying NO to things I don't want and YES to the things I really want and that make me happy. You only get one life and it can change/end in an instant.

There's so much comparison these days and life is just hard already with everything going on. My advice that I've taken from my therapist and books I've read recently, is to live your life, take care of yourself, and just have more fun.

One more reminder, that Instagram is a highlight reel, it's not real life. Believe me, I've struggled with the comparison game and have had my fair share of conversations with friends about how I wish I was like so and so. They have their own struggles though and fair share of problems, it's just not shown.

This post was all over the place, but the one thing I hope you take from this is to be YOU, nobody is YOU, and to enjoy LIFE. The world is a little scary today, but if you remember those simple joys of life, you will find so much goodness right now. Just a little reminder from me to you.


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