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Our playroom

The playroom used to drive me crazy, until Troster had the best idea ever to turn our guest room into the playroom. We decided to put the guest bed in Charlie's room. We still need a guest bed when my family comes to visit a few times a year. We actually love having the guest bed in his room now because at bedtime we all snuggle up and do story time together. The playroom used to be on the main level of our 2,000 sqft. house. I'm an organized person, and toys would still end up everywhere. We now have a dedicated/used space for the playroom and the kids enjoy it so much.

I turned the closet into their art space. There's a shelf where they can create art, and I recently put all of their art supplies into these plastic shoe containers. All I have left to do is label all of the bins. I also purchased this organizer to put all of the little things like buttons, popsicle sticks, stamps, etc.

I wanted the playroom to be accessible for them because otherwise they won't use it. I also wanted to make it easy to clean up. I added two cube organizers and lightweight seagrass baskets that they could move around easily. The tops of the shelves have heavier/bigger items and the baskets coincide with the items on the top shelf. I switch out the items periodically when I notice they aren't getting much use.

The kids/us love seeing their artwork displayed, so I added a large cork board and two magnetic strips in the art closet to show off their masterpieces. It gives so much more pizazz to the room. We also have a little reading nook inside their teepee with these acrylic bookshelves above it.

My old teacher self really came out in this space and I'm so happy with how it turned out. It may actually be one of my favorite spaces in our house.


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