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My Five Favorite Organizers

It's the beginning of the school year, which means one thing for me. It's time to organize all the things in the house. There is something about an organized house that makes me feel ready to tackle on a new school year. I even did this before I had kids, when I was teaching. I go through each room in the house over a few weeks and reorganize/purge. I find it easier to do one room at a time and on a different day. Below, I've rounded up my most used organizers that I use throughout the house. For videos on how I organize each space, head to my page and click on the various "Organizing" highlights. I'll be adding more highlights over the next few weeks on rooms like the bathroom, laundry and my closet.

  1. Shoe Box Container: I use these clear shoe boxes throughout our house and not just for shoes. I use them in our linen closet for extra toiletries and medicine, as well as in the playroom for art supplies. The fact that they are clear makes it super convenient when looking for something.

  2. Oxo Pop Container: I may have gone a little overboard with these containers in the pantry, but it's been totally worth it. I store everything from cereal to coffee and snacks in these Oxo Pop containers. They are easy to clean, just put them in the dishwasher. I find that I spend less at the store too because I can see what we need from them being clear.

  3. Pehr Basket: I'm obsessed with these baskets. They come in multiple sizes and just look pretty too. I love how sturdy they are, so they are very versatile. I use them in the kids rooms for stuffed animals, to hold folded laundry and for masks by the door.

  4. Seagrass Belly Basket: You can't go wrong with these baskets. They are lightweight and easy for the kids to carry around the house. I have these in the playroom and they hold all the bigger toys like magnatiles, cars and other various toys.

  5. iDesign Drawer Organizer: These are lifesavers for organizing. I have them in our bathrooms, in the kitchen, in our catch all drawer. They come in various sizes and make organizing a breeze.


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