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Let's Talk Money...

You asked for it, so here we go. Truth, I like spending money. I like going shopping, going out to eat, anything fun. If I stay within my budget, I get to do those things. Here is where my husband comes in. You see, he works in finance and keeps us in check. We sit down every other week and discuss upcoming dates/events, changes in the budget, and miscellaneous items. Once a quarter, we go over our main budget in a spreadsheet: travel, big items to purchase, clothes/shoes, house projects, taxes, insurance, etc. We try to plan the year ahead in January, but things are always going to come up. Hence, why we meet every other week over breakfast, a planning/budget date.

We tried to do our budget at home on the weekends, but it just wasn't working for us. For one thing, it is near to impossible to talk about anything important with kids around. Caroline doesn't nap anymore, so any time left to talk is at night...when we are exhausted. I also have a hard time concentrating at home, so this is where a breakfast planning date came in. We meet for an hour (the quarterly budget is usually for 2), and it just makes discussing money a little less daunting. As for our regular budget(groceries, out to eat, gym, bills, gas, etc), all of that is separate and budgeted every two weeks. I'm in charge of that and it is all used with cash/debit card. If you have any other questions about this exciting topic, feel free to reach out. Happy budgeting!


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