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Kids Mini Fall/Winter Style Edit

I think I like picking out Caroline and Charlie's clothes more than my own. They are just much more exciting, and so cute. I buy their clothes from everywhere in between; Boden to Target. I like to spend less on basics and more on things that they can wear for two seasons. Here's some of the things that I purchased for them for this Fall/Winter.

For Caroline: Everything is linked in the collage above or in the caption

  1. Reversible Patagonia Jacket with Removable Hood- I love that this jacket is reversible. The weather is so unpredictable in Georgia, so this jacket is perfect for our fluctuating temperatures.

  2. Boden Leggings- The best leggings and they come in multiple colors. They hold up very well and can easily last two seasons.

  3. Livie & Luca Mary Janes- I love L&L shoes because they last forever and can be worn for multiple purposes.

  4. Grace & James Kids Allie Dress in Evie Floral- The sweetest dress that she can wear in the fall, winter and early spring.

  5. Cheetah Boots- These have been a favorite of Caroline's for three seasons now! I'm so glad they keep making the same pattern because she asks for them every year. Comfortable and she can even run in them.

  6. Patagonia Vest- The kids have both had this vest for years. I order a size up, so it lasts for two seasons.

  7. Boden Cords- Soft and stylish, plus easy to play in.

  8. Striped Shirt with Elbow Patches- Caroline wears this shirt multiple times a week.

  9. Floral Dress- How adorable is this dress?

  10. Alice & Ames Dresses- My go-to for play dresses, but also for special occasions.

  11. Monogram Corner Knit Sweater- I can't wait to get both of the kids Christmas ones. When emailing your order, mention my blog and you will receive 15% off your order.

For Charlie: Everything is linked in the collage above or in the caption below

  1. Boden Drawstring Cords- How sweet is the puppy on the back pocket?

  2. JCrew Button Down Henleys- Easy to wear + wash.

  3. Grace and James Kids Overall Set- Obsessed with this cute look

  4. Winter Water Factory Sweatshirt- I mean, the construction pattern is just so good

  5. Cat & Jack Jeans- They have a great stretch!

  6. Sneakers- Charlie's favorite pair of shoes and they are machine washable!

  7. Hunter Rain Boots- The quality is unmatchable, plus easy to clean

  8. Rylee and Cru Long Sleeve- Love the muted colors and simple design



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