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Kids Gift Guide + Stocking Stuffers

Here we go, my final gift guide is up. In my opinion, the kids gift guides are the most fun. I'm trying to buy from my favorite local shops here in Atlanta, but I will link to Amazon too in case if you don't live here. Most of these shops do ship though, so keep that in mind. I'm trying to support as much of the local businesses as I can because they've suffered the most from this pandemic. Some of my favorite local shops here are:

I don't remember where I saw this, but this year I'm trying to stick with the four gift rule, plus a few little things: something to read, something to wear, something you want, something you need. You know me, I like to keep things simple and gifting is no exception.

Gifts for Under the Tree/Stocking Stuffers:

  1. Playmobil Sets: Who played with Playmobil when they were little? My mom still has some of mine, so we will be giving the kids quite a few Playmobil toys this year. They are so fun and both Caroline and Charlie love playing with them.

  2. Duck Boots: I mean, how cute?! I just got these from Sprong Shoes for Charlie. Perfect for playing outside in the rain, snow or for a nature walk. They come in assorted colors for boys or girls.

  3. Oil Pastels: These are my go to oil pastels for the kids. Easy to use and love that they come with a carry case. The price can't be beat either.

  4. HOO Sneakers: I just got a pair of these for Caroline with the fur around the edge at Sprong. She loves wearing sneakers with everything, so I thought why not snazz it up a bit. They come in so many colors and they will sell out fast!

  5. Pehr Hooded Poncho: My favorite poncho for the kids to use after bath time, at the pool or the beach. Caroline and Charlie just outgrew them, so I ordered them the next size up in a new pattern.

  6. Monogram Corner Custom Knit Hats: This is a hat the kids can wear for years. They are custom knit and truly a one of a kind piece. They will be perfect to wear winter long, especially when we are up in New York for Christmas this year. I ordered Charlie a striped blue one.

  7. Weeheehee Joke Book: Anyone else's kids into telling jokes all the time? I found this at Seed Factory here in Atlanta and I just love the illustrations and simple jokes.

  8. Childhoods Clothing Sweatshirt: Can they please make this in adult sizes? I've bought clothes from childhoods clothing for years because they last and are a perfect staple piece that the kids wear throughout the year. I suggest sizing up so they can wear it for two seasons.

  9. Lite Brite: I wanted to buy this for the kids last year, but Charlie couldn't be trusted with not putting things in his mouth. Troster and I will probably be using this too!

  10. WaytoPlay Highway Set: Waytoplay Expressway is a great toy for imaginative play — create circuits and road maps for toys and vehicles. These flexible parts are easy to connect and can be used indoors & outdoors. Charlie is going to go nuts over these.

  11. Kiko + GG Wakka Water Game: Remember that challenging little water ring toss game... kiko has given it a beautiful Japanese wooden makeover. Try to get all the hoops onto the spikes by pushing the buttons – the swoosh of water will send the hoops flying! This comes in a color for boys too. Perfect for the car or at home when the kids need a reset.

  12. PlusPlus Blocks: Caroline has a set of the smaller plus plus blocks, so I thought it would be fun for Charlie to get a set in the bigger size for his age.

  13. Rainbow Modeling Clay: We always have this clay in our house. I love this for a quiet time activity, car trips, you name it. It also doesn't dry out.

  14. Pocket Crayon Blocks- Cars: These super fun crayons are made from natural bees wax with all non-toxic ingredients.Moulded into lego-like blocks, they can be played with just like lego to combine play & drawing. 23 color crayons that come in a set of 4 cute boxes, each with different car design – Perfect size for your pocket, so take one with you to bring color everywhere! Charlie is going to love these!

  15. Tender Leaf Toys Chicken Coop: We are planning on getting chickens in the spring, and this will be so fun for the kids to pretend with to along with Caroline's dollhouse.



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