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I Take My Coffee Seriously

Happy Monday Friends! I recently shared my Fall Coffee Recipe, basically a recipe for success to get you through the Monday blues. This recipe is adapted from the Faux Martha and gosh it just starts my day off right.

I make mine with my Breville Machine and it is a game changer. I hardly ever go out for coffee anymore. It took me a few weeks to get used to the machine; I watched a lot of you tube videos. I have a newfound appreciation for baristas because pulling a shot is literally like a science. You have to grind the beans at just the right setting, tamp it correctly and a few more things to pull a shot perfectly. Now that I have it figured out, it has become a calming part of my morning routine. This recipe has just right amount of sweet and the cardamom gives it a flavor like no other. Ingredients:

- coffee or espresso

- dash of cinnamon

- dash of cardamom

- sprinkle of flaky sea salt

- tiny spoonful of maple syrup (I’m currently loving the Maple Butter from TJ’s)

- milk of choice frothed or warmed up

(You can also make this cold)


After making your coffee or espresso, stir in the spices, salt and maple syrup. Add in the frothed milk ans enjoy!


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