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Good Morning Sunshine!

I'm always interested to hear about how people start their day. I've been a morning person from the time I can remember. Although with two kids, some days I am a hot mess and other days I have it altogether. It really just depends if I got sleep the night before. If all goes well, this is what a typical morning looks like for me:

5:00 AM- Wake up

*On Monday, Wednesday + Friday I go to my gym at 5:30 and workout with my trainer from 6-7. I'm usually home by 7:30 + will even stop for coffee on the way home. Working out at 6AM has been life changing for my mental health.

5:30 AM- Either leave for the gym, or make myself some coffee, fill up our diffusers around the house, and read my daily devotional. I'm currently reading Always We Begin Again, by Leeana Tankersley.

6:00-8AM- Look at my day in my planner, get the kids breakfast ready and make myself something to eat. (Anyone that knows me, knows I am a huge breakfast fan. My go to for a quick and healthy breakfast are hardboiled eggs & overnight oats.) Caroline loves to eat right when she wakes up. Some mornings she is up at 6 and other mornings at 7. Right now she is really into hardboiled eggs, oatmeal and bagels. Charlie typically wakes up around 7:30. He is not a morning person, and doesn't like to eat right when he gets up. When he is ready to eat, he loves bananas, berries & bagels.

- If Troster is leaving later, we take turns to shower & the other helps with breakfast. I make the beds, Troster empties the dishwasher/takes out the trash. I also start a load of laundry.

8-8:30AM- Caroline gets dressed and either T or myself gets Charlie dressed (I lay out the kids outfits the night before, game changer). Pack up the kids' bags and we are out the door for preschool by 8:30 AM on most days. Caroline goes to school 5 mornings and Charlie goes 2 mornings a week. Sometimes, I get wild and send him to MMO (Mom's Morning Out)once a week. I don't usually go home after I drop off the kids. I tend not to get much done, so I usually run errands or meet up with a friend for the three hours they are in school.

*On Tuesday's, Troster usually leaves at 6:30 AM for a meeting. I really have to make sure I have everything together/laid out. I will try to shower at 5:30, so I am completely ready before the kids wake up. Otherwise, it can get chaotic pretty fast. T is such a huge help in the mornings, especially on the mornings when I go to the gym.

This sums up a typical morning in the Byrne house. I would love to hear about your morning routine. I'm always looking for new ideas. Have a lovely weekend!


I’d love to know more about the daily devotional. Can you post about that? I feel like I need to get up way earlier!!!


I need to start waking up earlier. I feel like the day goes by too quickly.



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