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Garden Spotlight: Cynthia Stringham of Melon Monologues

If you are ever having a tough day and need someone to lift your spirits, then go straight to Cynthia Stringham's page of the Melon Monologues. She is positive and hilarious. Not only is her garden out of this world, but she makes it look easy and all the while having fun. Read below to find out more about Cynthia and how she takes on gardening.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started in the garden?

My parents were garden lovers and instilled their love of gardening in me.

 For about 13 years I’ve finally had space of my own to grow, but would also grow plants in my apartments or anywhere I could before homeownership.

2. What zone are you in? How does that determine what you grow and don't grow? Do you ever break the rules when it comes to zone gardening? 

I’m a zone 7a, but pretend I’m in zone 8b. I’m always breaking the rules and try to see how far I can push the boundaries. Sometimes I win, and most the time I lose.

3. What's your favorite crop to go? Why? What is something you'd never grow again?

I really can’t pick a favorite crop. They all bring me joy. If I have to choose one, I’d go with my Joan Js raspberries because they bear fruit from May-Oct. 

What I wouldn’t grow again is even more difficult to respond to. I use to grow peanuts and loved growing them, but my neighbor’s daughter is highly allergic to peanuts and is constantly in my yard. So I don’t grow peanuts, but I loved growing them! 

4. What is your one piece of advice for a new gardener? 

Don’t give up! Gardening is like anything, practice and experimenting is the key. Also, I find the greatest mistake people make is overwatering. Plants will only get big and bushy when overwatered but won’t produce fruit. 


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