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Friday Favorites: What I am Loving Right Now

I decided I'm going to start a Friday Favorites post. Maybe I'll do this once a month, maybe every week? Who knows?! Here's a rundown on things I've been loving lately from my favorite easy-wear dress to my favorite skincare mask.

  1. I've been wearing this dress at least once a week. It's comfy, but still makes me feel put together. The best part is I can run around in it with the kids.

  2. I love a great pair of leather sandals, and this pair from Soludos is so comfortable. They go great with a pair of jeans or a dress.

  3. I live in my lake pajamas. I will often wear them out to the garden with my morning coffee. I would wear them all day if I could. They are super soft and last forever.

  4. I just got this pair of white sneakers in the mail from JCrew. The price tag couldn't be beat and I love the espadrille detailing at the bottom.

  5. Who doesn't love a good sweatshirt? I got this sweatshirt a few months ago and it has been my go-to on chilly days. Best news is it's an extra 50% off right now.

  6. I recommend anything by Josh Rosebrook, but my favorite skincare products from his line are the nutrient daydream SPF 30 and the active enzyme exfoliator. I love to only use clean products and these work so nicely.

  7. My favorite chapstick/lipstick by Burts Bees. I have it in four shades and the best part is it's only $5. It stays on, isn't sticky and doesn't have any weird residue.

  8. Now that I am making more iced lattes, I decided to get a hand frother to froth my cold milk. This frother is $15 and gets the job done.

  9. I wore this summer dress from Lake all last summer and I plan on wearing it again this summer. It's lightweight and I love the pocket details.

  10. This candle from candlefish smells like summertime with hints of gardenia and musk.

  11. This book, Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday by author Valerie Woerner has gave me a whole new perspective on motherhood. A must read!

Happy Weekend! - Ashleigh


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