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Creative Play: Some of my favorites

I'm pulling out some of my favorite activities that I've done either when I was teaching or home with the kids. Some of these you'll need to be present for and others not so much. I hope you find these helpful during this whacky time. If I'm being completely honest, I'm very scattered right now. We had our regular routine going and now poof! that's completely changed. Type A Mom here is getting through this day by day. I'm trying to think of this as summer break, and bring some structure into our day with a loose schedule. Anyhow, now I'm rambling, sending love to everyone!

Outside Activities:

- Digging in the dirt, literally just that. Have them try to find worms, bugs etc

- Find rocks in your yard, save them later to paint or color with markers

- Make a fairy house (collect sticks, flowers, rocks, leaves) Tie the sticks together and leave a note for the fairies

- Scavenger Hunt to find 5-10 various things (by color, size, shape, etc)

- Find flowers and make a bouquet

- Make sensory soup (collect flowers, sticks, things from nature) All you need is a bucket filled with water. Make it a 2 part activity by going on a nature walk first.

- Nature Walk Bracelets: Place tape on child's wrist, sticky side out and stick things on that you find on a nature walk.

Indoor Activities:

- Make a road, draw it out with markers on long craft paper, have your child use their imagination to come up with the rest. (bring in blocks to make towers for a city, little animals, cars etc.)

- Watercolor Painting with relaxing music (I love anything by JJ Heller)

- Dance Party (have them help you make a playlist)

- Science Experiments: Ice Melting, mixing baking soda and vinegar

- Collage Making with Old Magazines

I'll be posting some more ideas with some fun process activities we will be working on in the coming days.

- Ashleigh


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