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Coffee in the Garden: March

I sure do miss my Lives,"Coffee in the Garden." I'm hoping the weather will warm up come March and I'll start doing them once a week. I decided to go along with my Lives that it would be fun to do a monthly newsletter, not just on gardening, but on everything in between. Whether it be sharing the current book I'm reading or a yummy recipe I've been making on repeat. I'll also be upfront with you if anything I share is an affiliate link, which probably ninety percent of the things I share won't be something I make money from.

Throughout February when the weather has been nice, I go out to the garden and trim a little here and clean up a little there. The lettuce and arugula are thriving and I think I'll still be harvesting this spring. I plan to plant some more lettuce seeds come March when it really warms up. I've got most of my seeds ready to go, everything from flowers to veggies. You can find out more from my "What's Growing in the Garden this Spring," post coming on Friday. Speaking of gardening, Tree & Pony, a mom owned business based in Melbourne, Australia sent over the sweetest bamboo gardening set for the kids. They are lightweight and perfect for little hands to dig in the garden.

I've been listening to a ton of podcasts lately when I'm in the car going from one carpool to the next. I love a podcast where I can get some new insight or one that just makes me feel good.

Over the past few years, I haven't gotten many new cookbooks. My dad would always send me the latest cookbook when he worked for Penguin Random House. When he passed though, that obviously didn't happen anymore and looking at cookbooks kind of made me feel sad. Now, it's starting to feel like a way I can connect with him and I recently got two in the mail that I'm absolutely loving.

  • Cook This Book by Molly Baz has so many fun, easy to make recipes and I basically want to make everything in it. I love her "Get Well Chicken Soup"in the book, so much flavor and healthy too.

  • The Lost Kitchen by Erin French has a story behind every recipe. Her recipes are simple and that's what makes them so good. If you haven't watched her series on the Magnolia Network, I highly recommend that you do. It documents the day to life in her all women-run restaurant located in Freedom, Maine. All of her ingredients at the restaurant are locally sourced from nearby farms.

Speaking of books, I've been getting into bed a lot earlier these days and reading. Unless, I'm watching Cheer on Netflix with T. We are almost finished and about to start Inventing Anna. I’ve heard mixed reviews, so I’m interested to see what we think.

  • I just wrapped up reading American Royals II: Majesty, such an easy read and I can't wait until the third one comes out in May.

  • I also got a new a new Bible, ESV Journaling Bible by Crossway. It's the artist series and I got the Lulie Wallace print in Bloom. Its beautiful and I keep it out on our side table in our living room. I never forget to do my morning devotional and reading now.

  • I'm just starting to read State Change by Robin Berzin, the founder of Parsley Health. It's an eye opening read and goes step by step on how to improve your wellbeing from the inside, out.

A few favorites for this month:

Spring is just around the corner and I just got in a few things that I wanted to share. These PITTA leather slide sandals from Beek are so comfortable and I'll be wearing them everyday when the weather is warm. I have a few pairs of shoes from Beek and their quality is top notch. All of their shoes form to your feet and the leather is super soft.

AILLEA beauty recently sent over some new Nourishing Lip Tints to try by Indie Lee. I'm loving the "Play" shade. It's made of beeswax & Vitamin E and goes on smooth.

I've been wearing this pullover non-stop from Duffield Lane. It works well with my growing bump and I love that I can wear it with workout clothes or jeans. Lastly, I just ordered this block print dress from Etsy and I'm counting down the days until it comes in. It's lightweight and roomy, perfect for the warm, spring days ahead.



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