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Coffee in the Garden: April

It’s amazing how much can change in a month. The garden took off in the beginning of April and just in the past week it’s completely different. My belly is also growing by the week, as the baby gets bigger. I’m feeling a ton of movement, especially when the kids are around.

This weekend, we are finally planting our dahlia tubers and the rest of our summer seeds. You can look for a full blog post next week on ”What’s Growing in the Garden this Summer.”

Now onto some things that I’ve been reading, listening to and wearing this month.

  • The Husbands: I started reading this book at the beach and it’s an easy read with a stepford wives twist. I can’t put it down.

  • Fighting Words Devotional by Ellie Holcomb: I love listening to Ellie’s music in the morning on the way to school drop off or while I’m making my coffee. When I heard about her devotinal, I ordered it as fast as I could. A daily devotional that‘s easy to follow.

  • Simplicity Parenting Podcast with Kim John Payne. If you haven’t read Kim’s book Simplicity Parenting, I highly recommend. Both the podcast and book offer helpful, to the point parenting techniques and he really does make it simpler.

  • How’d She Do That Podcast with Emily Landers. I love listening to Emily‘s weekly interviews asking women entrepreneurs just that question every week, “How’d She Do That?”

A few favorites for this month:

We just got back from the beach and these were some of the items that I brought with me. I can’t wait for the pool and lake days this summer, it’s so close! This Blue Gingham stunner from Mi Golondrina is one of the most beautiful and comfortable dresses that I’ve ever owned. I’ll be wearing it for date nights and anywhere else that I can. I recently bought these sunnies from Jcrew before our trip and I love the tortoise pattern.

I don’t think I’ve worn Tevas since high school, but I loved the color block on these and they are so comfortable. They’ve been great for all of the kid activities. The Lo and Sons Catalina Tote was my go-to at the beach and it will be coming everywhere with me this summer on our adventures. I’ll be packing this Weezie Beach Towel inside it, how fun is this pattern? Lastly, I just had to mention this exfoliating body wash from Aillea Beauty by Kosas. I love the hint of Jasmine in it.

Happy Spring, Ashleigh.



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