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Byrne Weekly Menu: March 20th

Happy first day of spring! It's a warm forty degrees here in Atlanta right now and I'm still trying to warm up from a walk with a friend this morning. I am really trying to simplify our menu right now. I need less in this season of life. Y'all know I love to cook, but I just can't devote a ton of time in the kitchen right now.

All of that being said, if it requires a lot of chopping or more than one dish, other than some roasted veggies or a salad; I'm not making it. Last night I made Chris Loves Julia's Sausage and Peppers. I've made this recipe a dozen times and it's a throw everything in the pot and let it simmer kind of dish. I like to serve it with garlic bread. That is what we are having tonight. The kids will not eat this though, so they are having macaroni and cheese and sliced apples.

Tuesday, it's sandwich and salad night. Caroline has soccer and there's no point in making a big dinner that everyone will have to scarf down. I'll make a salad earlier in the day for T and I, sandwiches for the kids, and put it in the fridge until it's time for dinner. When I make it earlier, I'll also make the kids snacks and Charlie's lunch for the next day. This is what the Lazy Genius calls batching and it keeps me in the kitchen just one time.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I'm making a new to me dinner: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas from the Modern Proper. I don't know why I haven't made this before, but I am now. That is really all I've got for this week as far as meals go.

Oh, I did get a chance to prep some lunch things for myself yesterday. I am trying to make my lunch the day before too, so I can sit down and actually enjoy my lunch. I prepped my favorite chicken salad, fruit and veggies to have on hand. I think as moms, we tend to forget to feed ourselves. I do at least, so I am trying to set myself up, so I feel my best. I hope everyone has a lovely week and gets outside! - Ashleigh


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