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Byrne Weekly Menu: February 27th

Happy Sunday! I thought this would be an easier way to share our weekly menu. I did this when I first started blogging, and I'm going to go back to the basics. I don't know about you, but I feel myself pulling away from Instagram. I'm still using that as my main way to post things, but Instagram is just a lot now. The reels, the stories, the ads and then if you're on the creative/business side it's another story.

Okay, back to the meal plan. If you are looking for a link to a recipe, now it will be easy to access them instead of doing it in stories or in my highlights. This week is a busy one at our house. Actually, I don't know what week isn't busy with kids. All that to say, I'm not making any new recipes this week, just the tried and true ones.

I've made these carnita bowls from Modern Proper multiple times now. I love that we can make them into tacos, serve them over beans or throw on top of a salad. Pesto pasta is seriously the easiest and my kids will eat it, so that is a major win. I've just been buying the Gothams Greens pesto at Whole Foods, but I'm excited to make my homemade pesto again soon.

I recently started doing breakfast for dinner during weeks when a lot is going on and it saves me. I buy the Birch Bender's pancake mix and it couldn't be easier. You literally just add water and mix. I like to serve it with scrambled eggs and cut up fruit. Speaking of fruit, frozen mango, peaches, and cherries are my kids favorites. We serve them a lot as dessert and they think it's the best treat.

Friday night is always pizza and movie night. This week, we are doing takeout from a favorite local spot, Vero. If you are in Atlanta and haven't tried it, you must! On Saturday, we will be making Ina's tarragon flank steak and I'll serve it with twice baked potatoes and a simple salad. When I say simple salad, I mean drizzling olive oil and lemon juice with some s+p on top. It's so simple and so good. I like to end the week with making a big Sunday dinner, so I don't have to cook on Monday. Next Sunday, I'll be making my brother in law, Jeff's famous White Chicken Chili. He makes it in the afternoon, so it can simmer on the stove until dinnertime. That is my kind of dinner prep! I hope you found some time to rest this weekend. - Ashleigh


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