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Ashleigh's Favorite Things + Wishlist Guide

These are a few of my favorite things.... Who else loves that song? I decided to do two gift guides, one focused on the ladies and one for the kids. I love shopping local, and this year I'm especially focusing on that. Some of these things I already have and some are what I'm asking for.

Everything is linked below, or you can head to my Page to shop everything.

  1. Southern Bungalow Co - How beautiful are these candles? Not only are they pretty + you can reuse the vessel they come in, but they smell lovely too. Hand poured in Georgia.

  2. Hat Attack Continental Hat- I have a few Hat Attack hats and I'm obsessed. They are so well made and just a perfect accessory. I'm asking for this one to wear out in the garden this spring.

  3. Dana Rebecca + Liz Adams Infinity Ring- I love all of Dana's jewelry. I have a few pieces and I just ordered this ring to remember my dad. On the inside it will be engraved with the nickname he called me, "Scoots." It's something I can wear, never take off and know that it will last forever. I love the collaboration her and Liz did together. They created some beautiful pieces.

  4. Mary Frances Carter Coffee Mug- I already have one mug from Mary, and it is truly a special piece. It makes my morning coffee ritual that much more enjoyable. Mary makes everything herself in her studio in Hickory, North Carolina.

  5. Minnow + Lake Pajamas- Y'all know I love my lake pajamas, but I'm also a huge fan of Minnow Swim. When I saw this launch, I knew this would be on my list. I love the floral pattern.

  6. Garden Tools- I am in need of a new set of gardening tools. Love the simplicity of these.

  7. Leisure Lane Bistro Apron- I imagine myself wearing this apron while cooking or even out in the garden. You've probably heard me talk about these luxurious linen aprons, and they are a perfect gift for the cook or gardener in your life.

  8. Motherhood Unstressed CBD Tincture- I've been taking Motherhood Unstressed CBD for a few months and it has helped so much with my anxiety and sleep. I take it first thing in the morning before I drink my coffee.

  9. Floral Garden Scissors- How fun is this pink color for cutting all the flowers?

  10. Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill in Terry Fleece- I recently purchased my first Dudley in the vello fleece and it feels like I'm wearing a blanket, so comforting and cozy, but still stylish. I'd love to get the terry fleece for days when it's not that cold here in Atlanta.

  11. Feather + Finn Holiday Candles- I recently tried F+F candles, and oh my goodness, they smell heavenly. I love that they are made with few ingredients and hand poured. The evergreen scent is a must buy!

  12. Birdies Slippers- I got my first pair of birdies flats last month and I never want to take them off. They are comfortable, stylish and you can wear them all day long. The really do feel like you are walking on a cloud! I love these velvet slippers and the padded cushion on the inside.

  13. Weezie Monogrammed Luxury Makeup Towels- The perfect towels to wipe the day off. These towels make washing your face feel like you are at the spa.



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