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A Brand I Love: Haverhill Collection

Haverhill Collection recently sent me the most beautiful Personalized Letter + Stone Necklace. It is the perfect everyday reminder of two loves of my life, Caroline + Charlie. I haven't taken it off since I received it. It goes perfectly with the other necklace I wear everyday from Troster, a diamond star pendant.

It has two dainty C's on it, along with two white Topaz Gemstones. I decided to not use their birthstones just because I wanted to wear the necklace everyday with my star pendant. This necklace is so well made and something I know that will last forever. It's incredibly lightweight and in solid 14k gold. I also love that you can add on to Haverhill's pieces, say if you have another child.

Haverhill is located and designed in New England by Haverhill Leach, where her family history spans five generations of jewelry makers and style mavens. I love Haverhill's classic style and simple designs that truly go with anything that I wear.

You can use code ASHLEIGH15 for 15% off any Haverhill piece.


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