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Winter Skincare Update with AILLEA Beauty & Josh Rosebrook

When the weather turns cooler, I often notice a shift in how my skin feels. I tend to lean towards having very dry skin when it gets colder, so I need that extra hydration. I use Josh Rosebrook Skincare products all year round, but I have a certain line up during the colder months. I always get all of my skincare and makeup at Aillea Beauty because it's a one stop shop. All of the products they sell are EWG certified and they cater specifically to your skincare needs.

Here are the Josh Rosebrook products that I've been using a regular basis. I truly notice a difference in how my skin looks and feel.

Essential Balm Cleanser: This oil paste cleanser instantly takes off my makeup and leaves a smooth finish. Made from plant oils and can used with all skin types. It also provides an extra moisture barrier that feels so nice on the skin.

Daily Acid Toner: I don't usually use a toner, but the ladies from Aillea convinced me to try it out. I'm so happy I did because it instantly makes me feel more awake. My skin feels firmer and softer. This toner works with all skin types.

Hydration Boost Concentrate: This oil free acid and plant serum is a triple acting serum that hydrates, plumps and improves circulation. I put two drops over my face and neck after I've used the daily acid toner.

Nutrient Day Cream SPF30: I use this day cream every single day. It doesn't leave a sunscreen smell or residue.

Vital Balm Cream: I use this thick face cream every night before bed. You need just a small amount to cover your entire face. I always put a dab extra under my eyes. I can't recommend this enough.


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